I have been rewriting and rewriting this first post. I chose what I think to be a pretty good name for this blog, but along with it, I am also putting out there some pretty bold promises. I am telling you that I can help you to become unforgettable! In this 21st Century, where everything moves so fast that we would probably forget our children if people didn’t keep handing them back asking “Does this belong to you?”

I have been contemplating this blog for over a year now, searching and thinking about the best way to put this together. What do I know that people may actually want to know about?

Hmmm. I play video games… Wow is that lame and over written about.

Umm. I’ve been through a divorce! Cool so has 75% of Americans.

Then it hit me! I talk! I do it in front of people. I have been doing it in front of people my whole life and that makes me unique. Unlike most of American’s my #1 fear in life is dying, because public speaking in a brush off the old shoulder.

So I sat down and started to think about what to call the blog or how to put things “down on paper.” I looked a few quotes for ideas about the name. Maybe a funny thing. I found something that I knew I had to use the instant I found it because it was exactly my thoughts only she imparted it a million times better than I ever could:


She ABSOLUTELY nailed it.

I realized that what I have that I could help people with was more than just public speaking, although that will be the main part of this blog, but there is more to it. That feeling that you leave a person is something that will stick with them for forever. That can completely shape a relationship from the beginning to the end. It can take what would be a normal acquaintance to an important friendship or a wonderfully profitable partnership.

That is a little bit of a breakdown of what I am hoping to accomplish with this rant page that I will call a blog. I want to help in every way possible. Debunking bad ideas or ones that just plain aren’t worth your time. Giving pointers and maybe even having a few others give their much more brilliant ideas than mine. The important thing to me as that hopefully people will use it and have questions and we can discuss it all together.

So this is me. My name is Seth. Let’s do this together.


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