I am a procrastinator of the highest level.

I don’t want to do anything but have a couple beers too many and play useless video games with my best friend who lives in LA.

I also have a drive. It doesn’t really go away but it is much too easy for me to quiet.

Recently, though, I can’t quiet it as much. I have been slowly filling my life with things that push me. As I cruise through Instagram posts, Facebook rants, and Netflix documentaries I am reminded that I have goals. I keep seeing people who have this “success” that I know I am capable of.

Do me and yourself a favor and watch a one and half hour documentary on Netflix about a guy named Steve Aoki it’s called “I’ll sleep when I am dead”. I know that a lot of you probably won’t know who he is and when you figure it out you are going to tell me to shove off because you aren’t into EDM/Screamo music. I don’t recommend it because you need to dig his vibe. At least not musically. Look at his drive. It is absurd. This guy put on over 300 shows in a year. Best part? He doesn’t sit in Vegas and just knock out show after show. In a single week, he will fly across the country more than 5 times. He has the Guinness world record for most miles traveled by a musician. He has, in the past 5 years, expanded his name to every continent. He has been the first person in his genre to do a concert in places like Malaysia. He was not appreciated in an island in Spain called Ibiza. This island has a huge influence in the EDM world. So what did he do? He through a huge concert there and continued to until he was loved and appreciated on that island. There was no give up in him. He now travels all over this world doing exactly what he loves to do! Who of us wouldn’t want that dream?

Now let’s swing to Instagram. One of my favorite feeds is maybe a little more well known. Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson. Everyone knows this guy. Check it out here

Give it a quick scroll. Look at most of his posts. He has a hashtag that is one that I wish I was smart enough to come up with. He ends a lot of his posts with #thehardestworkerintheroom.

Look at every person that has achieved the goals that you are looking up at in your life. The ones that are too overwhelming to be able to grasp. The ones that are more dream than goal. Do you know how they got there? They worked their god damn hands, fingers, feet and mostly soul to the bone. They put in the time that most people are not willing to put in.

No matter what your goals are, you can reach them IF you are willing to.

One last thing I want to leave you with. Unsurprisingly I have pulled this from the sports world. If you enjoy sport, the UFC fight that was this weekend was insane! To much fun to watch. Take a look at this quote from Connor McGregor. Hard work always wins.


He won the fight this weekend.


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