Most of us have heard that an iceberg’s mass is under water right? You don’t see that mass majority of what that big slow block of cold water has going on. What in the world does that have to business and success? We will get to that.

It doesn’t take to many conversations with people who have achieved “overnight success” to realize that this term is totally and sorely misused.

Look at one company that many would consider being a flash uprising:

Uber – Started in 2009, Took 2 years before receiving any substantial funding and according to this article written by Fortune magazine only earlier this year became profitable.

I don’t know about you but taking 7 years, over $11.45B in investments, and countless hours from thousands of employees does not seem like an “overnight success” to me. That sounds like a whole bunch of grinding and late nights to me. Don’t just trust me on this, though. Maybe let’s take it from Travis Kalanick who is the co-founder and CEO of Uber. This is a very interesting interview that he did in Germany about a year ago. Listen to the first 10 minutes of what he is saying and tell me if you think that Uber was overnight.

If you don’t have time to listen right now I understand, do me a favor and find the time, I guarantee that you will not regret it. Let me break it down real quick. He talks about the first two companies that he created. Both are no longer. The second one he was sued for over $250B for in a PvP platform that he and others had created. Did those things stop him? Nope! In fact, he took that technology that he had been sued for and sold it back to the companies that had sued him for coming up with it. He refers to moving in with his GF because he had no money as his companies gave him no salary for over 4 years. While he continued to grind these things out and make something out of ultimately nothing.

Not one thing he said referred to the little money angel coming from the business gods and handing him his success “overnight”. We start to hear about a company all over the place and think that they just popped up and all of a sudden are making millions. I mean just raising that $11.5B in venture capital is to much work for 99% of the world!

You can’t talk on a subject like hard work without using too many cheesy adages.”You only get what you work for”, “Early bird gets the worm” and “You reap what you sow” are all common sentences for a reason. They are true. When was the last time you went to work and told the boss that you were going to go home and he still paid you? My guess is never. You really do get what you work for. I have come to realize that so many people have no clue what it is that they view as worth working for! Can you imagine that?!


What do YOU think is worth your time. Tell me right now in detail what you want in life. Answers like happiness, money, success and good health probably come to your mind. That’s what I think of. Those are the most generic and basic answers we could come up with!


Really think about what it is that you want in your life.

How do you get happiness in your life? More money maybe? Better health? Closer family ties? Sitting on your couch? Hold on. That last one isn’t right.

None of these things come to you by sitting on your couch eating chips and playing video games. Even if you are sitting reading self-help books all about how you are going to take over the world! Not that you shouldn’t do that, but it does not make things happen within your life. Just reading the books does not mean that all of a sudden you are going to kick into gear and “Oh now I am ready. All of the good things can be showered upon me!” NOPE!

You get better health by getting your bum up in the morning and getting to the gym or even just the sidewalk. Whatever it takes to get that heart rate up just a little. The great part about that, not only will you be in better health, but you will, in fact, be happier. An increased heart rate brings better blood flow, which in turn brings the right hormones all over our body and makes us happier people.

You get more money by… Well, that kinda depends, does it not? How do you want it to come to you? Better pay at work? Show the boss that you deserve it! Get your mindset right and be productive. Want something more? Start a business! Sweet! That’s a TON of work just like Mr. Kalanick has told us.

By now I am sure you are sensing a pattern here. None of these are going to land in your lap. No matter how many good books you read, or videos you watch or Tony Robbins seminars that you attend. Those are all highly commendable and wonderful things to help you get headed in the right direction. They all have one thing in common. After doing them, you have to put them into action. You have to work along with the knowledge that you have acquired and turn it into the wisdom needed to make something of whatever it is that your goals are.

87% of an iceberg is never seen by the ships and people that move right on past it. It is hidden from our sight. Mother nature worked on that bad boy, though.

An overnight success is far from overnight. We just only see 13% of what went into making something special. That 13% is the culmination of the 87% of the time that someone spent working their tail off.

The question that we should be asking is do I have the determination to make an iceberg?


6 thoughts on “Are You and Overnight Success Or An Iceberg?

  1. How you elaborated the concept of ‘Overnight success’ and ‘Iceberg’. Wow!
    Loved every bit of it. 😀 🙂
    My favorite line was – Mother nature worked on that bad boy though. (from the perspective of sentence structures :p )

    Seeking inspiration in the form of books and videos is the first-most step one can take. One shouldn’t mistakenly assume this as the last or even second step of the process.
    One should realize the importance of hard work and sacrifices made for achieving something great. Otherwise mediocrity is everywhere, if that makes you happy.

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    1. Lol thank you for your wonderful comment. I have always been told I write like I talk and have worked on changing that. On this blog though I changed my mind. How I talk has helped a lot of people. I feel like the blog should reflect that.
      I love your thought about hard work. While taking in that knowledge is very important it is so very far from the last step. It all comes down to hat hard work. Thanks for your thoughts!

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  2. Hey there, I’m K&L and I’ve acceoted your application to join our Millionaire’s Digest Team. I apologize for such a late reply, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve sent you an invitation to your email! Thank you.


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