Is it really, though? You are probably already doing it.

There is one very important thing that I have not addressed on this blog. The question of what exactly is public speaking.

Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “the art of effective oral communication with an audience”

This is a wide open application of the phrase.

To me, public speaking can be anything from a networking event where you do not know most people to a keynote speech. There are so many different situations that are considered public speaking, so much more than just getting on a stage and talking in front of a 100 people.Speaking in front of an audience can be as smile as the sales meeting that you have set up for the client that you have been wanting to speak to for a few months. There is so much undeniable power in having the confidence to speak to those people and know that your message is coming across.

I want you to take just a minute and think of a time that someone was doing some speaking in front of you. There are many places that this happens to us and we don’t even notice. Last time I went to Costco I had at least 5 different people talk to me about my solar panels, or my cable provider or even what cereal I would be purchasing. “Well, that’s sales, not public speaking”.


Is there really any difference?

Sales is the antithesis of public speaking. There are few situations in most people’s lives where “effective oral communication with an audience” is more important than when your livelihood is on the line. You have about 10 seconds to captures someone’s attention in a sales meeting. There is never more of a cause to be effective in your communication skills with your audience.

This is a very brief outline of what public speaking is and how it is already affecting your life. There are so many more worlds where being able to feel comfortable in front of people WILL benefit you in your life. I have an interview with John Pope, the CEO and founder of Jive communications, that I will be posting soon and it will go to show you just how much public speaking is engrained in our lives and how he used it to turn his business into a 9 figure powerhouse.

Don’t ever be held back by a fear of being able to be in front of others. There is this world in front of you that you can grab by the horns make do what you want it to do. Don’t live scared of that bull!


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