Why would you keep taking everyday and not giving those days to living the way that you want to? 

If I asked you right now, what is it that you would answer are the life accomplishments that you will have achieved by the time you die? 

Travel? Business? Starting a family? Having ungodly amounts of money? What do you want to accomplish? 

The path that you are in right now, are you going to accomplish those dreams? I’m curious because I would give my left nut to say you aren’t. (And I like lefty) Is that going to change with out you busting your ass? 


Of course it’s not going to. You have to get up MOVE and take charge of what is in front of you. Stop letting life happen to you and MAKE LIFE HAPPEN!! 

MOVE!! Do SOMETHING!! Anything! But move. Achieve. And most of all … LOVE! Love all of those that deserve it. Accomplish life. Kick its ass and make it you’re bitch! 


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