I have come to realize that what I have that I could help people with  is that feeling that you leave a person is something that will stick with them for forever. That can completely shape a relationship from the beginning to the end. It can take what would be a normal acquaintance to an important friendship or a wonderfully profitable partnership.

That is a little bit of a breakdown of what I am hoping to accomplish with this rant page that I will call a blog. I want to help in every way possible. Debunking bad ideas or ones that just plain aren’t worth your time. Giving pointers and maybe even having a few others give their much more brilliant ideas then mine. The important thing to me as that hopefully people will use it and have questions and we can discuss it all together.

So this is me. My name is Seth. Let’s do this together.

I am a guy no different than any of you that may stumble on this tiny blog. I love sports, to find inspiration in anything and people. This is what you will find here. Way to many sports metaphors things that you wouldn’t think of as inspiration and me trying the best I can to help anyone that I can find and will listen, how to be unforgettable.

As you can see I have the Blogs That Build You tab on the front page. If you are interested in being featured there, by all means feel free to let me know! I will only be featuring blogs that are written about confidence, entrepreneurship or motivational. That is what this blog is featuring so it is best for both or our readers that we keep the same type of blogs written! I can wait to read your blogs!